~ highlighting trance-dimensional surface rubbings of new music, installation, sound sculpting, graphic and video art ~

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Closet of Records, Tapes & Paper is back, weekly on thursdays from february 2018 onwards at Het Bos, offering releases and merch items from a selection of friends, labels and likeminded spirits.

15/02 - Gora Sou (live) + dj Für Dich
15/03 - Vlek Records + dj Runkkari
29/03 - Flux Bikes (live) + dj tbc
12/04 - Jatinder Durhailay & D. Edren (live)
19/04 - Spirit & Form + dj Ōgon Batto

Past Events / Tours / Dates <<< all info
2017 May 26-28th - DELTA~WAVE FESTIVAL
2016 Oct-Nov - d~w. 1-4 at Extra City Kunsthal

Bear Bones, Lay Low, Brahmen Raag, DSR Lines, Fyoelk, Hellvete, Hare Akedod, Lieven Martens Moana, Mathieu Serruys, Ōgon Batto, Orphan Fairytale, Spirit & Form, Tav Exotic, Typhonian Highlife, Vom Grill, Weird Dust

Also working with these fine acts for BE/NL/EU shows:
Bitchin Bajas, New Jooklo Age, Visible Cloaks, Piotr Kurek, Daniel Voigt, Tarzana, Keijut, Gora Sou, Les Halles, Riccardo Sinigaglia, David Vanzan & Virginia Genta, ..

booking enquiries:
d [at] deltawave [dot] be